is a digital currency (bitcoin!) startup with a wallet & exchange product.

I led all aspects of design at Celery. I employed user surveys to investigate a lack of engagement in the startup's first product. When we pivoted to Celery, Agile/Lean methodology & rapid prototyping enabled us to launch quickly. I implemented weekly usability testing sessions to improve our user experience.

  • Web
  • UX
  • UI
  • Usability testing
  • Branding
  • Print

User Experience -

We took it too far! We made the mistake of not designing for our users' desires.

When we launched Celery one of our goals was to be a transparent U.S. digital currency company, unlike many of the shady exchanges operating overseas. Our onboarding was originally designed with this transparency goal in mind. We took it too far! User testing quickly showed us that our all-at-once onboarding was overwhelming and did not help people achieve their differing desired actions.

Our onboarding redesign reduced the number of steps from 7 to 3. As a change, we requested the information that was required in order to complete the action the user initiated, at the time the user attempted that action.

User Interface -

"How much should I buy?" Our 'Packages' UI feature accounted for 68% of sales.

We spoke to lots of people about digital currency! People assumed it was too complex for them, in part due to the currency being expressed in many decimals. How much should I buy? We designed friendly 'Packages' of digital currency to remove the intimidation factor & for easy repurchasing.